Theo Funk, Presidio Alum Keric Moore, and Li Meinhold
at the 2014 SoCal Musketeer Regional Youth Circuit. Li and
Theo finished 7th and 8th respectively in the Youth 12 Mens Foil.
Sean Strong at the 2014 Summer National Championships,
where he finished in 7th place.

Salle Updates: News and Information

10/22/14: Equipment Needs

Last night, I had everyone in attendance get suited up for sparring on the electric machines. Doing this gave me an opportunity to see who has what and who needs what.

Now, to review, everyone at the club should have:

1) Mask (foil fencers should have a conductive bib)
2) Jacket
3) glove
4) underarm protector
5) chest plate (for women of all ages and for boys under 14)
6) body cord
7) conductive jacket (aka foil lame)
8) practice weapon
9) competition weapon
10) mask cord

Some other items include an equipment bag and fencing pants (aka knickers).

I would like to place a group order with the fencing post. What does everyone need? Please shoot me an email if you would like to be included in this order.

10/7/14: Youth and Cadet Foil Clinic in SLO

The San Luis Highlanders will hold a youth and cadet foil clinic on October 18, 2014. The clinic is appropriate for all levels of fencers, ages 10-18. Most likely the Cal Poly Fencing Team will be helping out, so there will be plenty of attention available to participants. Also, Eric, the Highlanders Coach, asked a Presidio Coach to lead a short segment. This clinic will be a great opportunity for Presidio fencers to get some immersive experience in a low-pressure setting. I encourage everyone to attend.

Download the flier for the clinic here .

Note that lunch will be provided, and that participants must bring the permission slip.

9/30/14:  Fencing in October and Beyond

By now, everyone is probably aware of our new schedule for Fall. Starting in October, the club will have practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Tuesday's practice will continue to be in Goleta.  Thursday's practice will be at the Westside Neghborhood Center in Santa Barbara.  The WNC is located at the corner of Victoria and Castillo Streets.  Off-street parking is available. 

Please visit our Practice page for more information.

To save time with my book-keeping, and to help offset my advance-payment of rent, I am asking members to please pay for classes by the quarter.  Thanks to a partnership with the Central Coast Fencing Foundation, I have been able to secure a lowered rental fee for the Goleta venue.  These savings will allow me to continue to offer a basic membership fee at very affordable rates. The intermediate and advanced classes (i.e., Level 2 and Level 3) will incur an additional fee.

Finally, notice the Google calendar to the right.  I will keep it updated with information about classes and tournaments.  Note that my calendar will only include local and high-profile tournaments.  Competitive fencers should still mine for information on tournaments outside of Santa Barbara.  Also, I added some PayPal buttons to the fees page for those members who want to pay with a credit card.  Of course, I will still accept cash or check for lessons.

I thank you all for your patience in September as I situated the new club.  I am very excited about what October will bring.

9/3/14:  Thank you to everyone who showed up last night!

Thank you to everyone who showed up last night for our first practice at the Goleta Valley Community Center.  There were definitely a few bumps in the road -- or breaks in the wire, to be a little more accurate.  Next Tuesday I'll try to make things a little more effecient.

In the meantime, please consider the following:

  1. Make sure you have equipment.  Email me directly with questions about gear.  Also, if you're fencing electric, then please double check that your gear is in working order.  I know I have to do quite a bit of soldering this weekend.  Also, I will not be carrying spare parts with me anymore, but I have a garage full of fencing stuff.  If you need something, then please let me know.
  2. If you participated in last night's drills, then please practice at home.  Do the clapping exercises with a friend or family member. The sooner you can master these parry and riposte "dancing" drills, the sooner you will see improvement in your fencing.  Also, practice your on guard stance and footwork, maintaining proper balance and an upright trunk.
  3. Watch some of the World Championships on YouTube:
Most importantly, remember there is no class tomorrow.  Our Thursday classes should begin in October.

8/31/14: Information about Tuesday's class

We are two days away from our first fencing night in Goleta. Here are some updates:

  1. Tuesday classes will be held in the Dining Hall at the Goleta Vally Community Center. When you enter through the front doors, go right and follow the hallway around the building. I know: it sounds funny to say that we'll be fencing in a dining hall. But in time, perhaps the GVCC will be serving meals in the Fencing Hall.
  2. The Goleta Vally Community Center is in Old Town Goleta, on Hollister Ave. There is plenty of parking in front and in back of the center.
  3. Our time at the GVCC starts at 6 pm. From 6 until 6:15, we'll check-in and play some warm-up games. Following that, we'll have some conditioning until ~6:45. Then we'll suss out some new rules and procedures for the new location, and get to sparring and drills. Drills for the month of September will be more elementary as we shake off the rust from the summer.
  4. All participants need to be members of USFA. You have to show me your USFA card, or a receipt, before starting to fence. I will not have paper forms at practices.
  5. Bring all your equipment. I hope to set up at least two strips after 7 pm. If there is something you do not have, then we can talk about it at practice. Oh, and remember: an important piece of equipment is a water bottle.
  6. Dues for the month of September will be $60, payable by cash or check. Please be on time with your payments. 
  7. Although I am hoping to start up sessions on Thursdays in Santa Barbara, there will be no class this Thursday, September 4. I'll have more on the expanding venues as the information becomes available.
More than anything, this month will be a time for assessment and reorganization. I am excited about the opportunities presented to the club, and I can't wait to see everyone on Tuesday.

Etes vous pret? Are you ready?

8/25/14: New Schedule for a New Year

Our first official practice for the Fall will be held at the Goleta Valley Community Center on Hollister Ave at 6:00 pm on Tuesday, September 2nd.

My tentative schedule for the practice will be to hold a group workout and footwork until ~6:45 pm, and then a drill class until ~7:15 pm. Some folks will probably break away from the drills to set up an electric strip or two, and electric sparring will begin around 7:00 pm. If you are only interested in electric fencing, then please show up a few minutes before 7. By 7:30 pm, I suspect everyone remaining will be fencing electric. At this point, I will be working with the more-competitive students. Practice will last until 8:45 pm, at which point *everyone* needs to help clean up.

Depending on how this class-plan holds, I will repeat it on Thursday, September 4th. Only, the class will be at the Westside Community Center in Santa Barbara, on the corner of Victoria and Castillo streets.

This is an exciting time for the club. Please stay tuned while we work out some kinks in scheduling, pricing, and curriculum.

Community members who are curious about fencing are welcome to show up and participate, provided they have purchased the non-competitive membership from the US Fencing Association. See our Introductory Classes page for more information.

6/25/14: Results from Summer National Championships

Congratulations to Sean Strong, our only club member to head to National Championships in Columbus, Ohio. In his first event, Division 1A Epee, Sean finished 7th in a field of 78. This is Sean's best finish to date. The complete results can be found here:

6/21/14: Schedule for next week

There was some confusion about whether or not there would be practice last Saturday, what with it being Solstice. In fact, there was sparring. To keep everything as clear as possible, the schedule for the week is posted to the right.

If you show up on Saturday, then I would greatly appreciate it if you would stick around for a little while and help me with some cleaning and organizing. There's a lot of stuff to move.

And if you show up on Monday, June 30, for sparring, then bring something. We'll have a party.



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