Theo Funk, Presidio Alum Keric Moore, and Li Meinhold
at the 2014 SoCal Musketeer Regional Youth Circuit. Li and
Theo finished 7th and 8th respectively in the Youth 12 Mens Foil.
Sean Strong at the 2014 Summer National Championships,
where he finished in 7th place.

Salle Updates: News and Information

5/7/16: Tournament Recap

Congratulations to Li Meinhold for earning his E rating at the San Luis Highlanders tournament last Saturday. He finished 1st out of 15. He had to out-fence Rich Kaplan in the round of 8. Rich finished 6th.

Congratulations also to Wyatt Spencer, who finished in 1st place overall in the Youth 10/12 age group after a season of fencing. Second and third places went to fencers from San Luis Highlanders. Kaleb Jordan from Points West Ventura, won the Youth 14 age group, with Nathasha Weiss finishing in 2nd place overall.

And the Dunn School took home the first Central Coast High School Fencing Championship.

There is one more local tournament left this season: that's the San Luis Obispo Open, held annually on Memorial Day weekend. Find it on askFred.

4/9/16: Tournament Recap

Kudos to Natasha Weiss, Nicholas Romasanta, Wyatt Spencer, Calvin Weimbs, Mila Speer, and Matthew Kowalski for their performances at the Central Coast Youth Tournament today at Points West Fencing in Ventura. Natasha finished with the silver in the Y14; Nicholas finished 4th. In the Youth 12, Wyatt defeated teammate Calvin for the bronze, and Mila finished 5th. Matthew placed 7th.

The final Central Coast Youth Tournament will be held in San Luis Obispo on May 7.

To prepare, there will be a clinic on competitive fencing on April 23 in Los Olivos. We'll talk about a number of issues related to competition, and then hold some mini tournaments organized by age. The clinic will be open to all fencers under the age of 18.

3/6/16: Two Fencing Gold Medals from the Weekend

I am excited to report on two gold medals for the weekend!

Today, three of our fencers, Yoseph Alabdulwahab, Jean-Michel Ricard, and Carter Block, formed a team to represent Dos Pueblos High School at the Scholastic Team Foil tournament down in Los Angeles. The Southern California Scholastic Fencing League is an arena for competition among those schools who have varsity fencing as part of their athletic programs. These schools include Victory Valley, Harvard Westlake, Chaminade, one of the VAPA campuses in Los Angeles, and then the occasional guest school -- like us. I am proud to report that our fencers from Dos Pueblos finished first in their division.

Congratulations Yoseph, Jean-Michel, and Carter!

And a DPHS alum, Sean Strong, traveled with the Stanford fencing team to Colorado Springs, where he competed in the NCAA Western Region Championships. In one grueling pool comprising 18 of the best NCAA fencers this side of the Mississippi, Sean pulled out all the stops and finished 14-3. He tied for victories with the number one ranked fencer, but squeaked away with the gold medal by having scored two more points than his rival. This first-place finish is an incredible accomplishment for an athlete in his freshman year, and it qualifies Sean to the NCAA national championships later this month. Only 24 athletes in each event will qualify.

1/18/16: Tournament Updates from around the world and this week's exercise prescription

It was a good weekend to be a fencer, especially an American Foil Fencer. At a competition in Paris, Race Imboden won the gold, and the United States also took first in the team event. These accomplishments are making for an exciting Olympic Summer. I can't wait!

Here in Southern California, we had a few competitions as well. Presidio alum Sean Strong led the Stanford epee team to victory at an NCAA invitational at UC San Diego. The UCSB fencing team showed up to a collegiate club meet at UC Riverside and tromped over all the other schools in attendance. Lucas Nichols competed in a USFA foil tournament, also in Riverside, and took the silver medal. And while that was happening, Li Meinhold and Theo Funk entered a Regional Youth Circuit event in Los Alamitos. As luck would have it, they ended up having to fence each other in the round of 64 and finished 16th and 17th respectively, out of 42 fencers.

This particular Regional Youth Circuit is called the South Coast Invitational, and it is held in Los Alamitos every year. I would like to challenge all of the youth fencers at Presidio to start training now in order to enter the competition in 2017.

I am prescribing those same 4 Exercises for this week: Split Squats--Pushups--Jumps--Dips, in that order, with 20 seconds active and 10 seconds rest. Perhaps we'll set up a new routine next week, but for now keep doing this. In each 20 second burst, you should be trying to do as many repetitions of the exercise as you can.

And finally, be sure to sign up for the Youth tournament at UCSB this Saturday. I sent an email about this already to all the eligible fencers, but please let me know if you have any questions.

1/10/16: Theo Brown Wins his E-rating

I am sending a HUGE congratulations to Theo Brown of Los Olivos for winning the unrated foil tournament last Saturday and earning his E2016 rating. What a great way to start the new year. I would also like to acknowledge Li Meinhold for taking silver, and Jean-Michel Ricard for tying for the bronze. And since Yoseph Alabdulwahab came in fifth place, it looks like Presidio almost swept the medals. We even won medals in epee and saber! A complete list of results can be found here.

Please remember to do your 4-exercise workouts even when you are not at practice.

Finally, the UCSB fencing team is still looking to hold a Central Coast Youth Tournament at UCSB on Jan. 23. I'll send a link to this list once preregistration is available. I think the event will start around 10 am.

12/31/15: Happy New Year!

Classes resume on Tuesday, January 5 at the Westside Community Center. Come with your hand positions memorized.

12/1/15: Fencing in December and January

I will be taking a break for the weeks of Christmas and New Years.  The last December practice will be December 17, and we'll reconvene on January 5.

But not to worry, Winter is going to full of fencing opportunities.  We'll have Tuesday/Thursday classes, like normal.  And there will also be a number of tournaments.  Below is a list, with a couple of links for preregistration.

January 2: Open Foil in Los Olivos.
January 9: Unrated Tournament in San Luis Obispo.
January 16: Open Tournament at UC Riverside.
January 16: Regional Youth Circuit in Los Alamitos.
January 23: Central Coast Youth/High School tournament at UCSB (venue and askfred link forthcoming).
January 24: Orange Coast Open.
February 6: Linkmeyer Open at USC.

This is only a snapshot of closer tournaments, or events where I will be.  There are even more events posted for January, and then a bunch more in February.  Find them on askfred and let me know if you have questions.

11/8/15: Tournament Recap

Check out the complete tournament results via these two links:

Youth Tournament Results

E-and-Under Results

Some congratulations are in order. Theo Brown won the first Central Coast High School Tournament. This is a big deal, since the tournament took place at his high school. Talk about bragging rights! Jean-Michel defeated Yoseph for the bronze medal.

Wyatt won the event for ages 10-12. He defeated Zander in the finals, with Kincade taking the bronze.

Natasha won the silver in the Youth 14 event, narrowly losing to a fencer from Ventura. Halia, from Presidio North, took the bronze.

And in the E-and-Under, three Presidio fencers finished in the top 4. Special congratulations to Theo Funk, who earned his E rating. Kevin Sparkman, from Presidio North, and Matt Kuiken both renewed their E ratings. Matt lost in the finals to a fencer from San Luis Obispo. Had he won, he would have earned his D!

On Thursday, we will warm up again with the Soviet Foil Drill and then proceed to sparring. I have set up some mock-tournaments for the youth fencers to help them get a little more experience in a formal sparring setting.



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