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Dues and Class Rates

Team Membership

Unlimited Conditioning, Drills, and Sparring

$120 / month


Sparring Classes, w/out Conditioning or Drills

$75 / month

Weekly Drills

Drill Classes, one day/week

$60 / month

Sparring Class
"Floor Fee"

i.e. single Sparring class w/out monthly membership

$15 / class

Coaching at Events

see notes


see notes

1. Classes must be purchased in advance.

2. Monthly membership rates must be processed via direct bill-pay programs through your bank. Quarterly payments are also available. Ask us for more information.

3. For certain competitions, all participating athletes will share in their coach's travel expenses and a $50 per diem for meals.

4. Equipment repairs, such as fixing body cords or rewiring weapons, will cost at least the equivalent of one private lesson.


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Welcome to the Club

Presidio Fencing Club offers group classes, open recreation, and individual lessons for novice and experienced fencers ages 8 to Adult. The sport of fencing is great exercise and plenty of fun and we want to give everyone who has ever wanted to swing a sword in Olympic fashion an opportunity to do so.

Some of Presidio's fencers attend group practices and compete as part of a travel team. Others are more recreational, and only attend sparring sessions to break a sweat.

Presidio Fencing Club is a member of the United States Fencing Association and our athletes compete in the Southern California Division. The club began in 2004 as a recreational outfit under the name "Santa Barbara Youth Fencers." With the support of a number of families from Los Olivos to Montecito, the club was successful enough to open a permanent location in the Magnolia Shopping Center in 2006. In May 2009 we moved to our larger location in Downtown Santa Barbara. In 2011, we began Presidio North, an outfit for fencing classes in Northern Santa Barbara County.

The Sport of Fencing

Although swordplay has been around since ancient times, it was not until the 18th Century that equipment was safe enough for sport, and rules of engagement were codified. What developed was the basis for modern fencing, one of a few sports to appear in every Olympics since 1896. It is a fast, athletic game, made up of three events:




Tim Robinson is the head coach and owner of Presidio Fencing Club. He also coaches at UCSB and has held a lecturer position in the Exercise and Sports Studies Department there since 2002. He has attended the US Fencing Coaches College at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs and he holds the rank of Prevot d'Armes with the US Fencing Coaches Association.

Coach Robinson takes a personal interest in the health and fitness of his fencers. His focus with the youth fencers, especially, is on functional and athletic development, with an emphasis on kinesthetic awareness and motor skills improvement. This dedication earned him a Coach of the Year award from SBParent.com in 2008. The next year, one of his first youth students, Cameron Westbury, was Division II National Champion at the US Fencing Summer National Championships.

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Photos courtesy of Oliver Bublitz, Kevin Osborn, and Tim Robinson. Much of the section on the sport of fencing was taken from US Fencing's promotional material.